Digitally empowering underrepresented minorities in politics

About Us

ThinkOpenly is a politics exchange platform, aiming to create a professional and efficient connection between underrepresented minority groups and politics. Community members can post questions or concerns and other members can +1 the post. Professional legislators or lawmakers can then answer or attempt to enforce laws to support these concerns. To make this process as effective as possible, we use NLP Machine Learning to suggest other articles or posts to users based on previous likes. Our platform also offers suggestions for events that coincide with their interests and free time via Google Calendar.

Our Services

Browse Posts

Easily browse through NLP generated recommended posts in your feed. These posts match your previous interests and recent trending political and social subjects.

Browse Events

Browse local community political events that match your political interests in order to best advocate your concerns and have your voice heard.

Discussion Thread

View someone's post and leave a like or comment to further discuss the thread or show your support. Each like or comment will make your feed give more posts or events that are similar.

Create Posts

Create your own post anonymously for free and easily. Your post will be seen by many others as well as politicians that can possibly advocate and recognize your interests for your given enough support.